Vertical announced several new licenses this month.

Arakawa Under the Bridge by Hikari Nakamura centers on Ko Ichinomiya, an independent upper-class man who finds himself in the debt of a girl name Nino after she rescues him from drowning. The series will be released in omnibus volumes starting in November.

Vertical will begin releasing Imperfect Shojo (Shojo Fujuubun) by NisiOisin and Mitsuru Hattori in October. The story’s college-aged protagonist is held captive after witnessing an accident in which an elementary school girl is struck by a truck.

Voices of a Distant Star by Makoto Shinkai and Mizu Sahara tells the tale of a boy and girl who are separated when the girl is sent into space to battle aliens. It explores their relationship over the years through the text messages she sends home, which take longer and longer to get to Earth as her battles take her farther away. The manga is based on Shinkai’s 2002 OVA (see “The Future of Anime?”), which Tokyopop released in English in 2006. Vertical did not reveal their release date.

Tomofumi Ogasawara's Gundam Wing: The Glory of Losers is scheduled for July release. An adaptation of the 1995 anime series, the manga incorporates elements from other Gundam Wing manga, novels, and OVA.

Keiichi Arawi's Helvetica Standard is a four-panel color manga that is part of the Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) universe. The first volume is scheduled for October.

(View images for each series in the gallery below.)