The legendary Star Trek villain Khan is the focus of a new expansion set for Andrew Park’s Star Trek: Frontiers.  WizKids will release The Return of Khan Expansion Set in August.

The new expansion adds more advanced missions and challenges to the game, as well as adding new game materials and strategic options.  Players can now confront Khan and his Jem Had’ar Cruiser, The Pequod, and take command of the new USS Enterprise-A as a playable ship.  The expansion also increases the maximum number of players to five.

Star Trek:  Frontiers:  The Return of Khan Expansion Set comes with The Pequod on a Clix Base, the USS Enterprise-A, 15 Encounter tokens, 12 Crew cards, 5 map tiles, 6 Advanced Action cards, 6 Undiscovered cards, and a book of new scenarios.  MSRP is $49.99.

Based on Vlaada Chvatil’s acclaimed Mage Knight Board Game, Star Trek:  Frontiers was released in 2016 (see “Andrew Park’s ‘Star Trek:  Frontiers’ Board Game”).