WizKids and Paizo, Inc. have announced another set of pre-painted plastic fantasy models:  Pathfinder Battles:  Maze of Death.  This set is scheduled to release in October.

Following up on May’s Crown of Fangs release (see “‘Pathfinder Battles:  Crown of Fangs’”), the Maze of Death will feature 52 miniatures of creatures, villains, and heroes from the Pathfinder world, including Ratfolk, Ghuls, Viper Vines, and Minotaurs.  Some boxes will also have rare “dungeon dressing” terrain pieces. 

The figures will be packed in booster boxes, each containing 1 large figure and 3 small or medium figures.  MSRP is $15.99 per booster.  Boosters are packaged in bricks of eight.

WizKids is also offering a case pre-order incentive for this set.  The Maze of Death Case Incentive includes two oversized figures representing a Fire Elemental Lord and an Air Elemental Lord.  Customers who pre-order a full case of Pathfinder Battles:  Maze of Death is eligible to order one Maze of Death Case Incentive.  MSRP is $49.99.