Oomba, the company responsible for the upcoming Unrivaled Tournament Series (see “’Unrivaled Tournament Series’”), is building its business on multiple revenue streams related to the tabletop games business, according to Executive Producer Darren Holt. The Unrivaled program has been capped at six companies, those already announced for this year’s events.  The company is currently signing up retailers, with 286 stores agreeing to participate so far, each with a $250 participation fee, en route to a hoped-for 500-store roster for the first year’s events. 

Other revenues for the Unrivaled program will come from the sponsorships, with many partners, who are paying for a branding presence at the tournaments, already announced.  Cobranded clothing is also planned.     

Once the store sign-up period is over, Oomba will begin advertising to consumers to encourage participation in the tournaments. 

In addition to the revenues from its Unrivaled program, Oomba also derives revenues from its event software for running tournaments, leagues, and teams for games and sports.  It receives a share of revenues paid for entry fees into events at stores and other venues.  Tabletop games is the largest source of revenues so far, according to Holt. 

Oomba is also active in the eSports space.  Collegiate Colosseum:  North America, an international eSports tournament with over 100 universities competing for over $100,000 in scholarships, includes PC, Console, Handheld, Tabletop and Arcade gaming events.       

Behind the scenes, the company has around 35 employees, including a customer service staff to assist retailers and consumers.  There is also a live gaming center on site at Oomba headquarters.