Knight Models has released images of new figures joining the DC Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game this month.

  • Knight Models DC Universe: Parademon Invasion Force $50.00
  • Knight Models DC Universe: Darkseid $45.00
  • Knight Models DC Universe: Shazam $20.00
  • Batman Miniature Game: Falcone Crime Family $50.00
  • Batman Miniature Game: Alberto Falcone $20.00
  • Batman Miniature Game: Professor Pyg & Dollotrons $50.00
  • Knight Models DC Universe: (Accessories) Dc Universe Template $13.50

Spanish miniatures company Knight Models specializes in high-end models and games based on comic and movie properties. Last month they released the Arkham Knight Campaign Book for the Batman Miniature Game (see “'Arkham Knight Campaign Book'”). The company will release a Harry Potter Miniature Game later this year (see “Sneak Peek - 'Harry Potter Miniatures Game' - The Heroes”).

See gallery below for more images.