The number of films tied to geek culture has expanded rapidly in recent years, accounting for a bigger and bigger percentage of Hollywood releases.  "Best in Shows" is the ICv2 list of geek films, arranged by quarter, with some context for each.  Dates and other information are updated until release with new info as we get it.  To see all the periods we’re covering, see the "Best in Shows Index."

Indiana Jones 5
July 9
Disney moved the fifth Indiana Jones feature film toa 2020 opening in April 2017, then pushed it back again in July 2018. Steven Spielberg will return to direct, and Harrison Ford will don his iconic fedora once more. The current script is being written by Jonathan Kasdan, son of Lawrence Kasdan, who penned Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Space Jam 2
July 16
Warner Bros. booked this date for the sequel to the Michael Jordan-Bugs Bunny live-action / animation hybrid. The film will star LeBron James, and will be produced by Black Panther filmmaker Ryan Coogler.

Spider-Man Homecoming 3

July 16

Disney cancelled the third Homecoming movie after a split with Sony. Later, Disney re-scheduled it for this release date after the two studios negotiated an agreement that allowed for Kevin Feige to remain on creative point and Tom Holland to play Spider-Man (see "Sony, Disney Reconcile").

Dungeons & Dragons
July 23
The movie based on Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast's roleplaying game property has now moved from Warner Bros., which fought a court battle to preserve its rights to the IP, to Paramount, which now has an overall deal with Hasbro (see "'Dungeons & Dragons' Film Moves to Paramount, Gets Date").

Untitled Live Action Disney Movie
July 30
Disney bumped a Marvel movie from this date and replaced it with a Disney feature in July 2018.

The Suicide Squad
August 6
Warner Bros. announced the date for this sequel in January 2019. It will be scripted and directed by James Gunn.

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