Queen Games has announced plans to release new editions of its two real-time dice games:  Escape:  The Curse of the Temple 2nd Edition Big Box and Escape:  Zombie City Big Box. Both scheduled to release on June 30.

Both Escape games follow a similar format:  using a cd soundtrack as a timer, players rapidly roll dice trying to get the right combinations to make their way across the board, hopefully “escaping” before some unspeakable doom traps them forever (see “Three New Queen Games” and “‘Escape:  Zombie City’”).

Since their release, both games have been supported with a number of expansions.  The Big Box editions collect these expansions with the base game in a convenient single package.

Escape:  The Curse of the Temple 2nd Edition Big Box includes the base game and the following expansions:  Illusions, Quest, Traps, The Pit, Doomed, The Fountain, Quest Chambers, The Maze, New Characters, The Maya Calendar, Exchange Chamber, Totem Chamber, and The Cursed Gems.  MSRP is $99.99.

Escape:  Zombie City Big Box comes with the base game and four expansions:  Survivor Chronicles, Queenie 1, Queenie 2, and Queenie 3.  MSRP is $99.99.

Other forthcoming releases in Queen’s busy schedule can be seen here: “Two Expansions for ‘Kingdom Builder’,” “Busy Spring for Queen Games,” and “Queen Adds Two U.S. Releases for New Year.”