Creator Matt Furie has killed off Pepe the Frog, the character appropriated by racist fringe groups in the heat of the pre-election season last year (see "Fantagraphics, Creator Condemn Use of Pepe the Frog").  In a one-page story in World’s Greatest Cartoonists, Fantagraphics Free Comic Book Day offering, Pepe is shown lying in a coffin, with his friends gathered around.

Pepe originated in Boys Club comics by Furie, collected into a trade paperback released last summer.  It was widely used in memes, many of which were initially innocuous.  Then the character began showing up in racist messaging and the Anti-Defamation League labeled it as a hate symbol.  Fantagraphics Books and Furie condemned its use by racist groups, but now Furie has apparently decided to put the character to rest.