DC Entertainment will launch a new “Young Readers” comics imprint in 2018, the company revealed in an editorial management announcement.  The new imprint will be run by Vice President and Executive Editor Bobbie Chase, who will also handle Wildstorm, Milestone, Hanna-Barbera, Digital First titles and custom comics, according to the announcement. 

No information was released on the target age range of the new imprint.  DC’s most successful content for the youngest readers is its Super Hero Girls property, which was launched as a web series and now encompasses toys, graphic novels, digital comics and other web-based content (see “DC Super Hero Girls Go Intergalactic”). 

In the past, DC has also licensed its characters to Scholastic for kids graphic novels (see “Review:  ‘DC Comics:  Secret Hero Society #1:  Study Hall of Justice’”).

DC also announced two other editorial management changes:  Executive Editor Pat McCallum will oversee DCU titles, and Mark Doyle, newly promoted to Executive Editor, will oversee Vertigo, DC Young Animal and select new projects. The position of Vertigo Vice President – Executive Editor was eliminated and Shelly Bond left the company in April of 2016 (see “Shelly Bond Out at Vertigo”).