Pre-Code master Jay Disbrow passed away on May 2 at the age of 91.

Disbrow worked initially for Iger Studios, drawing Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, Kanga, and other jungle titles, before becoming a freelancer with Star Publications. He worked extensively in pre-Code horror comics, drawing spooky tales and weird creatures for Dark Mysteries, Ghostly Weird Stories, Spook, Startling Terror Tales, Eerie Tales, and more. Some of Disbrow’s pre-Code horror work was recently collected by Craig Yoe in IDW’s Jay Disbrow’s Monster Invasion (see “Pre-Code Horror Rears Its Head”).

Disbrow resurfaced with new material in 1979 in Fantagarphics’ The Flames of Gyro; and in 2000, Disbrow took to the Internet to share Aroc of Zenith, a weekly adventure comic in the vein of Flash Gordon. Disbrow completed 312 strips for Aroc, which wrapped in December 2005.

Disbrow is survived by his wife Amelia Stumpf Disbrow, son Alex Disbrow, daughter Valerie Trigili and her husband Michael, brother Warren Disbrow, niece Eleanor Prevete, and nephew Warren Disbrow Jr.