After a period of several years in which Upper Deck's Marvel Legendary:  Fantastic Four expansion has been unavailable, Upper Deck Senior Brand Manager Jason Brenner has revealed to ICv2 that the company has been authorized to immediately go back to press on a new printing of the product, which will be available in six to eight weeks.

Marvel Legendary: Fantastic Four was originally released in Q4 2013 (see "Details on ‘Marvel Legendary: Fantastic Four’"), and quickly went out of print.  There were no additional printings until now, which Brenner described as a "licensor-controlled issue."  After recent discussions with Marvel, Upper Deck received authorization to proceed with this reprinting.

From our 2013 description:  Marvel Legendary:  Fantastic Four has "hero art by Ale Garza (Uncanny X-Force, DC Teen Titans), villain art by J.J. Kirby (Backlash, Wetworks) and box art by Nigel Raynor (Battlestar Galactica, Green Hornet: Parallel Lives).  The expansion features the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer in combat with Mastermind Galactus. Included are five heroes, two new villain groups and two new Masterminds. MSRP is $19.99."

All content, packaging, and price will remain the same for this new printing.