Bushiroad will help players transform their favorite monsters into Dungeon Enemies in Future Card Buddyfight X: LVL Up! Heroes & Adventures! Booster Alternative 3 on September 22.

Favorite monsters like Batzz, Drum, and Athora will be transformed into Dungeon Enemies for Dungeon World decks. Players can also call Gao and the rest to fight on the field in this battle of the Braves versus the army of Demon Lords. The animation character Ku Teito from Hero World will also appear in this set, bringing her unusual fighting style to the game. “Crew Trooper” will also appear in this release, which can be boarded into Satsuki and launched to the field with the new ability, Station.

The 160-card set focuses primarily on Dungeon World and Hero World, though all other Worlds are dual Worlds with Dungeon.  There will be 4 BR, 12 RRR, 28 RR, 40 R; 60 C, 12 SP, 4 ER rarity cards, sold in five-card packs. Each pack will have one R or higher rarity card. Six cards in the set are reissues, three with new art. Parallel foil versions of commons and rares are randomly inserted in packs. The boosters are available in 30 pack displays.

This release will follow the Evolution & Mutation Booster Pack releasing on August 25 (see “'Future Card Buddyfight X' Embraces 'Evolution & Mutation'”).