CMON Ltd. has acquired the rights to French publisher Sweet Games’ critically lauded WWI card game The Grizzled, and plans to release The Grizzled: Armistice Edition in the future.

Designed by Fabien Riffaud and Juan Rodriguez with art by the late Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Tignous, The Grizzled is a cooperative card game about surviving in the trenches during World War I.  CMON released the English edition in 2015, which was nominated for an Origins Award in 2016 (see "Origins Awards Nominees").  The game was also on the prestigious Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended list in 2017.  An expansion, The Grizzled: At Your Orders!, was released in 2016 (see "CMON Announces 'The Grizzled: At Your Orders!'").  The Grizzled: Armistice Edition, currently in development, will add a campaign mechanic that will give the story more structure, the company said.

"The success of The Grizzled, especially in the United States, is thanks to CMON," said Fabien Riffaud.  "Naturally, entrusting them with the game and the future release, The Grizzled: Armistice Edition, was an easy choice."