Over five years ago the J.R.R. Tolkien estate and HarperCollins sued Warner Bros., New Line, and Saul Zaentz Co., asking for $80 million.  Now the parties have announced that the litigation has been settled with an undisclosed agreement, according to Variety

The original suit, filed in 2012 (see “Tolkien Estate Sues Warners”), alleged that online and physical slot machines tied to Lord of the Rings were beyond the scope of the original agreement granting rights to Zaentz (some of which he licensed to the studios).  Zaentz countersued the following year (see “Zaentz Countersues Tolkien Estate”), and so did Warners (see “Warners Fires Back at Tolkien Estate”), with much jockeying and legal maneuvering to follow.

The countersuits were also settled by the agreement.