Privateer Press will launch a monthly subscription miniatures program called MiniCrate, starting in October.

MiniCrate will feature exclusive, limited run miniatures.  These miniatures will be alternative versions of existing models in the company’s Warmachine and Hordes lines.  The first miniature on offer will be the “Swamp Siren,” a variant on the Hordes Swamp Horror Minions.

Miniatures included in the MiniCrate program will not be available except through this service, and will be strictly limited to one single production run.  Privateer has announced that once the run is complete, the molds will be destroyed, and plans to post videos of the mold destruction each month.

MiniCrate will be available either as a month-by-month “Collector Subscription” at a cost of $16.99 per month, or as a pre-paid six-month “VIP Subscription” at $98.99.  In addition to the six miniatures, VIP subscribers will receive a special seventh bonus miniature and access to other special offers.

Privateer Press has been experimenting with new marketing approaches over the past year, including a line of specially-priced Army Boxes sold direct to retailers (for the most recent of these, see “‘Khador’ and ‘Legion of Everblight Army Boxes’”), a new OP program that puts more control in the hands of retailers (see “Privateer Gears Up for ‘Summer Rampage 2017’” and “Privateer Ending Press Gang”), and taking on what it calls “free riding” online sellers (see “Privateer Axes Offending Online Retailers”), all while maintaining support for the traditional distribution system (see “Privateer Press Reaffirms Traditional Distributors’ Role in Retail Strategy”).