Finch Cover
San Diego Comic-Con News: Hot on the heels of the successful Batman/The Shadow crossover series written by Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando (see "Batman and the Shadow Unite"), Dynamite Entertainment has announced a second six-issue miniseries, the Shadow/Batman series written by Steve Orlando with art by Giovanni Timpano (Eclipse, G.I. Joe, Hellraiser) debuting on October 4.  The new crossover series will actually mark the third time that the two characters have shared the page, The Shadow appeared in two issues of the Batman comic, once in 1973 and then again in 1974 as well as in the well-received Batman/The Shadow series that debuted this past April.

Interior Art by Giovanni Timpano
The Shadow/Batman series will continue to explore the relationship between the two vigilante heroes from the 1930s.  Lamont Cranston/The Shadow debuted at the beginning of the decade (1930), and definitely influenced the character of Batman, who first appeared in 1939.  In the new Shadow/Batman series Orlando makes the connection between The Shadow and Batman a key part of the story according to artist Giovanni Timpano "We all know how important The Shadow was for Batman's creation back in the day, and Steve have taken this connection between the two characters and transformed it into the very heart of his story.  This is not a simple crossover between these two heroes, this is an important piece for both characters' history."

Alex Ross Cover
The first issue of the Shadow/Batman crossover will feature a bevy of different covers from some of the top names in the business including David Finch, Dustin Nguyen, Alex Ross, Brandon Peterson, Howard Porter, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Ethan Van Scriver (see the Gallery below for images of the cover as well as some examples of the interior art by Timpano).