Arcane Wonders will release an expansion for its popular bluffing card game Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men in Q3.

The expansion was announced at the GAMA Trade Show (see “'Critical Mass,' Expansions for 'Sheriff of Nottingham,' 'Onitama,' More”). The expansion, designed by game co-designer Sergio Halaban, adds a sixth player option to the game, as well as introducing five modules that can be added to the game.

If there are six players, two Deputies can be used in place of the single Sheriff. The deputies must agree to search bags or let people pass, and share the punishment or reward. If the deputies disagree, then only the single deputy involved in the search will be punished or rewarded.

The Merry Men module adds new illegal goods to be smuggled in, in the form of “Merry Men” characters. If they are successfully smuggled pas the law, the character’s special ability is activated.

The Black Market adds three sets of bonus cards that are rewards for smuggling in the goods on the cards. The first player to successfully get the indicated goods in receives the cards and a reward.

The Laws module allows the Sheriff to draw three law cards and keep two, which are then kept in play for the entire round.

Special Orders cards show a combination of one legal and one illegal good, which must be smuggled in together in the same bag. Success means bonus gold.

The box contains 69 cards, 2 deputy markers, booty tile, Sherwood tile, merchant stand, merchant bag, and rules. The game is for 3 – 6 players, ages 13 and up, and plays in 1 hour. A copy of the base game is required to play. MSRP is $24.99.