Dodson pencils
for Party Variant
Marvel is supporting the launch of its new series with parties for Marvel Legacy #1.

Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Esad Ribic, the 50-page Marvel Legacy  #1 ($5.99) kicks off a year's worth of stories.  The issue releases on September 27 (see "Marvels to Return to Legacy Numbering").

The party kit includes the return of 70s Marvel fan magazine FOOM (Friends of Ol' Marvel) Magazine, in a format similar to the original.  In addition to features about the creation of Marvel Legacy, contents will include an overview of Marvel Editor-in-Chiefs over the years, an examination of Marvel bullpens of the past, a spotlight on the Infity trilogy, and more.  

Other party kit elements include invitational Postcards (bundle of 100); Joe Quesada Marvel Legacy #1 posters; access to a Marvel Legacy #1 party variant; and a downloadable cake topper. Qualifying retailers will also be able to purchase the Marvel Legacy #1 Quesada premiere variant.

Retailers opting into the party kit program also need to order at least 200% of orders on Secret Empire #6 on the regular cover of Marvel Legacy #1 to reach the threshold for order-all-you-want on the two variants.  

To participate, retailers must opt in by August 21.

Marvel is also offering promotional discounts on Marvel Legacy #1:  

  • 75% off if orders are at least 250% of orders on Secret Empire #2.
  • 66% off if orders are at least 200% of orders on Secret Empire #2.
  • 58% off if orders are at least 150% of orders on Secret Empire #2.