Gestalt edition digital cover
At San Diego Comic-Con, indie comics publisher Vault Comics shared details on a high profile release planned for Spring 2018 -- Stalag-X.

Stalag‑X is written by Stephen L. Sears (author of multiple Star Wars, X-Files, and Dune universe novels) and Kevin J. Anderson (writer and supervising producer on Xena: Warrior Princess.)  The story, a reimagining of the WWII prison camp movie Stalag 17, is set in a war-torn future, follows a man known only as "Joe Human," who is dumped in an alien prison camp where he is subjected to experiments by the Krael researcher dubbed "Dr. Mengele."  The Joe finds out something that could turn the tide of the war, in the humans’ favor.  The series was previously released digitally by Gestalt Comics under Stalag-X: Blood War.

Vault began publishing comics earlier this year, focusing on science fiction and fantasy titles (see "First Movie Deal for New Publisher's Titles").  The publisher’s first collected graphic novel, Heathen Vol. 1, released on August 2.