IDW Publishing’s Woodworks imprint is fulfilling IDW CEO Ted Adams’ promise that the new imprint would reflect independence in the way it gets its publications into the hands of readers (see "IDW Opening Office in Portland") by Kickstarting its first release, the 200-page hardcover magazine Full Bleed: The Comics and Culture Quarterly.

In another unique approach, Diamond Comic Distributors will fulfill Kickstarter orders for Retailer Tier pledges, allowing for consolidation of freight.  Pledging the Kickstarter will be the only way retailers will have access to the hardcover editions, which are exclusive to Kickstarter, Woodworks honcho Dirk Wood told ICv2.  Retailer pledges can be tailored to deliver the correct quantity at a 50% discount off the $25 per issue retail price for consumers.

Although the hardcover editions will be exclusive to Kickstarter, the content will not be. “Stay tuned in coming months as we collect this material in softcover, and make them available everywhere books are sold, basically,” Wood said.

Content will include "comics, fiction, non-fiction, deep dive interviews, opinion, history, think-pieces, and more," covering "comics, music, film, TV, fine art, photography, design, politics, and more," according to the announcement.

Consumers are offered a variety of support levels, with a one-year (four issue) subscription at $100.

A relatively small selection of the high profile content in the first issue includes:

  • Interview with Stephen King by IDW CCO Chris Ryall.
  • A previously unpublished interview with Alan Moore conducted in 2006 by Gavin Edwards for Rolling Stone.
  • A short story by Joe Lansdale with spot illos by Tim Truman.
  • Tribute to the late Berni Wrightson by Shawna Gore.
  • Comics by Shannon Wheeler, Erin Nations, Kim Dwinell, Jen Vaughn, Gideon Kendall.
  • Feature on comics on the Lower East Side of Manhattan by Calvin Reid.
  • Interview with punk rock legend Carla Bozulich by Whitney Phaneuf.
  • A feature on comics' conquest of museums and galleries by (ICv2 columnist) Rob Salkowitz

The first issue will ship in December.

IDW and Woodworks are also incorporating a charity component, promising to create a campaign to help Traveling Stories, a charity dedicated to children’s literacy and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to support their continuing work for literacy and libraries.

Click Gallery below for art from the first issue!