Just before Christmas, Bushiroad will release Rainbow Striker, a new booster expansion for its Future Card Buddyfight X trading card game, with a street date of December 22.

Rainbow Striker is focused on the battle between the Thunder Empire and Chaos factions in the game, with new versions of Batzz, Miserea, El Quixote, and Geargod to enhance those factions.  New cards for Star Dragon, Dragon, Dungeon, and Legend worlds are also included.  Fans of the game can even re-create Keisetsu’s deck from the animated series using only cards from this booster set.

The new set includes a total of 120 cards, including 3 BR, 6 SP, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 24 R, 30 U, and 22 C rarity cards, as well as 15 secret rares.  The cards will be packaged in 5-card booster packs, which will be sold in 30-pack displays.  Each pack will include one R or higher rarity card and some random packs will have foil parallel versions of common, uncommon, and rare cards.  Each display will have one Secret pack.

As an added incentive, Bushiroad is offering promo cards to stores that purchase six packs of Rainbow Striker as part of its “Buddy Gift Campaign,” while supplies last.  A total of eight different promo cards will be available through this promotion.  Only orders for the first print run of this expansion will be eligible.

The new expansion will release shortly after the X Duel Chest, which also focuses on Thunder Empire and Chaos cards (see “Bushiroad Announces ‘X Duel Chest’”).