Bandi’s exclusive U.S. distributor GTS has announced Series 3 for the Dragon Ball Super TCG, set to release in March.

Series 3 will include more than 200 cards, sold in both starter decks and booster packs.  Two different starters will be released:  The Starter Deck Red Ver. and Starter Deck New Color Ver.  Both starters come with 51 cards including five exclusive cards, game rules, and a playsheet.  Starters will be sold in six-count display boxes.

The rest of the new cards will be packaged in 12-card booster packs.  Each pack includes 8 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare or higher rarity card.  The entire set includes 60 common, 30 uncommon, 18 rare, 14 super rare, 1 secret rare, and 4 special rare cards.  Boosters will be sold in 24-pack displays.

A Series 3 Special Pack will also be on offer.  This pack comes with four random booster packs, one limited edition promo card, and a game play manual.

Bandai is supporting the launch of Series 3 with a Tournament Kit for stores that want to hold an event related to the release.  The kit includes everything needed for 16 participants, including 16 tournament packs, 3 posters, 1 tournament manual, additional tournament packs for the top 3 finishers, and first and second place playmats.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game was released this summer (see “The ‘Dragon Ball’ Universe Returns in New TCG”).