Marvel is adding another team to the spectrum with X-Men: Red.  The original Jean Grey will lead the team in the series from writer Tom Taylor (All-New Wolverine) and artist Mahmud Asrar (All-New, All-Different Avengers).

The series will join X-Men: Gold and X-Men: Blue among the core X-Men titles.  Women hold leadership roles in all three series, with Kitty Pryde leading the Gold team and the time-displaced younger version of Jean Grey in charge of the Blue team  (see "'X-Men: Gold' and 'X-Men: Blue' Revealed").

The original Jean Grey returns on December 27 with the launch of the five-issue Phoenix Ressurection series (see "'Phoenix Resurrection' Revealed").  Marvel is welcoming Jean back with variant covers throughout the month (see "The Marvel Universe Welcomes Back Jean Grey").