BOOM! Studios imprint Archaia will reveal the origins of Jareth the Goblin King in a new ongoing. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth comes from writer Simon Spurrier (X-Men Legacy: Legion, The Power of the Dark Crystal) and artist Daniel Bayliss (Big Trouble in Little China / Escape From New York, Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Dragons) (via Entertainment Weekly).  The first issue will be in stores in February.

The story, which will examine the history of the Labyrinth itself and what happens when little boys aren’t rescued, is set in Venice, Italy, during the 18th century.  The first issue features a main cover by Fiona Staples (Saga), a subscription cover by Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and variants by Laurent Durieux (Mondo poster artist), Jill Thompson (Wonder Woman: The True Amazon), and Bill Sienkiewicz (Legion, Elektra: Assassin).

BOOM! Studios recently extended its partnership with The Jim Henson Company to publish new comics based on Labyrinth and other properties (see "BOOM! Extends Deal with The Jim Henson Company").  On November 29, Archaia will release Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special, an anthology about various characters and creatures in the venerated film (see "New Collection Celebrates 'Jim Henson's Labyrinth'").

River Horse Games recently released a deluxe expansion pack for its popular board game based on Labyrinth (see "'Labyrinth: The Board Game' Adds Oversize Deluxe Pieces").

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