In a move that pulls the rest of the Kick-Ass universe from Marvel to Image Comics, Image will launch a new Hit-Girl comic along with the new Kick-Ass saga in February, as well as releasing new editions of the bestselling trade paperback collections of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s original Kick-Ass series.

Millar recently announced a new Kick-Ass series, which will see a new hero don the moniker (see "Black Woman Is 'Kick-Ass'"), launching on February 14 from Image Comics.  Last year he teased a new Hit-Girl series as well (see "Mark Millar Returns to 'Kick-Ass'").

The new Hit-Girl will be written by Millar, with art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, and will feature first issue covers by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Amy Reeder, Kim Jung Gi, and Rafael Albuquerque.  Launch is planned for February 21.  According to, the second story arc will be written by Kevin Smith and take place in L.A.

Mindy has left the U.S. and embarks on a world tour of justice.  First stop, Colombia.

Image is also releasing trade paperback editions of the original saga with new covers, retitled Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years, Vol. 1 – 4, on February 14.  MSRP for each volume is $16.99.

Kick-Ass was originally released as a creator-owned comic series by Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint in 2008.  It spawned several sequels, and a Hit-Girl prequel.  It was also adapted into a  popular movie in 2010 (see "'Kick-Ass' Scores Box Office TKO") which spawned a sequel in 2013 (see "'Kick-Ass' Sequel Doesn't").

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