WizKids continues to expand its lines of unpainted plastic miniatures with 10 more Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts and 11 new WizKids Deep Cuts kits scheduled to release in May.

The new models, which come pre-assembled and pre-primed, feature deeper detailing for simplified painting.  The models are packaged in clear plastic packaging to allow customers to easily view them.

The Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts line features a variety of heroes and monsters. Each set is MSRP $4.99, and includes two versions of an adventurer, a pair of identical monsters, or a single mounted figure:

  • Gnome Female Druid
  • Gnome Female Sorcerer
  • Gnome Male Bard
  • Gnome Male Druid
  • Knight on Horse
  • Medium Air Elemental
  • Medium Earth Elemental
  • Medium Fire Elemental
  • Medium Water Elemental
  • Skeleton Knight on Horse

The new WizKids Deep Cuts kits include a variety of furnishings and other scenery pieces suitable for any fantasy setting:

  • The Archivist Library set includes 2 bookcases, 6 empty shelves, 2 partial shelves, 3 full shelves, 3 drawers, 2 cabinet doors, 1 bookcase ladder, and 2 short bookcases.  MSRP is $24.99.

The other sets are all MSRP $4.99 each:

  • Barrel & Pile of Barrels, including a single barrel, a pile of barrels, and 4 barrel caps
  • Desk & Chair, with a single desk and a chair
  • Doors, a pair of identical closed dungeon-style doors
  • Magic Dias, composed of three pieces
  • Mirror & Bird on Stand, with standing mirror and bird perch
  • Navigators Pack, including scroll pile, map, sextant, telescope, and spyglass
  • Small Round Tables, featuring a trio of 3-legged round tables
  • Witches Den, including a spellbook, lectern, cauldron, and basin
  • Wizards Room, bulging with 3 sets of books, 2 bookends, a skull candle holder, jars and bottles, and a crystal ball.
  • Workbench & Tools, with 1 workbench, pen & quill, candle, mortar & pestle, hourglass, scale, and tool pouch

Check out the gallery below for pictures of the new miniatures.

WizKids recently released a batch of models for the growing line (see “‘Deep Cuts’ Unpainted Line Expands”).