Vin Diesel is in talks to star in the title role of Bloodshot, Sony’s upcoming adaptation of the Valiant Comics’ hero.

According to The Wrap, Sony is moving forward with it’s five-film shared universe based on Valiant’s comic library, including Bloodshot and Harbringer.  The last report, in July, had Jared Leto up for the Bloodshot role (see “Leto for 'Bloodshot,' 'Wonder Woman 2' Date, Dr. Doom, Shazam, Mega Man, More”). The Wrap also reported the film will follow Deadpool and Logan’s success and aim for an R-rated comic book feature.  

Dave Wilson is attached to direct. Neal Moritz, who produced Fast and the Furious, is producing Bloodshot along with Valiant CEO / CCO Dinesh Shamdasani (see “Sony Plans Five Valiant Films”).

Valiant will be launching the Harbringer Wars 2 crossover in May 2018, which has shown Bloodshot prominently in one teaser image (see “Valiant Reveals 'Harbinger Wars 2' Team”).

Though not part of the Sony deal, initial steps for film adaptations of Shadowman (see “'Shadowman' Finds a Director”) and Archer & Armstrong ('Escape From New York,' 'Power Rangers 2,' 'Archer & Armstrong,' 'Suicide Squad 2,' More”) have also been taken.