Another accuser alleging sexual harassment by Marvel icon Stan Lee has come forward, according to UK tabloid the Daily Mail, which reported alleged harassment of nurses caring for Lee earlier this week (see "Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Harassment, Defrauded").  The incident occurred in Chicago during C2E2 last year, according to the report, when Lee booked a massage in his hotel room.  He groped the masseuse, requested sex (which she declined), and began masturbating during the massage, the report said.  A legal complaint has been filed, and Marvel and POW Entertainment attorneys are involved.

Lee’s attorney denied the allegations to the Daily Mail, said they were another attempt to get money from Lee, and said no negotiations had been held regarding payment.

When we reported the Daily Mail’s initial report (along with the news that Lee was alleging that he’d been defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars by forged checks), we noted that if there were other such incidents, we would hear about them soon.  Now they have begun.