The Conan franchise is returning to Marvel. The partnership between Marvel and Conan Properties International will kick off in January 2019. Details on Marvel’s plans for Conan and his cohorts are pending.

Between 1970 and 2000, Marvel was home to several comics series based on Robert E. Howard’s popular barbarian. Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema, and Neal Adams were just a few of the luminaries to bring Conan’s adventures to comics.

In the early 2000s, Dark Horse acquired the rights to the character and began publishing trades collecting the Marvel series (see “Dark Horse to Publish Classic Conan Comics”) and new comics about the brooding Cimmerian in 2003 (see “Dark Horse to Publish Conan Comic”).

Conan is a potent license. Comics, books, games, RPGs, and merchandise featuring the character have proven popular. Modiphius Entertainment recently beganreleasing new sourcebooks for its Conan RPG (see “Engage the Many Sides of Conan in New Sourcebooks”). DC and Dark Horse have partnered on Wonder Woman / Conan, a six-issue crossover that launched in September to decent reviews (see “Amazon Vs. Barbarian”).