Dark Horse, a comic publisher known for its licensed properties, such as Star Wars, Aliens, and Kiss, has acquired the rights to create a comic series featuring Robert E. Howard's brooding Cimmerian, Conan the Barbarian.  Dark Horse plans to publish a monthly series featuring all new stories based on the classic sword-wielding character created by Howard in the 1930s.  A new Conan movie featuring the dream team of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a John Milius (Big Wednesday) script is currently in pre-production at Warner Brothers (see 'Arnold's Back as Conan').  Needless to say the release of a big budget Conan film should really give the character some 'juice.'

Dark Horse acquired the rights for a Conan comic from Paradox Entertainment, the Swedish company that recently purchased the rights to all of Robert E. Howard's characters (see 'Conan Has A New Owner').