The sci-fi bloodsport board game Aristeia!  from Corvus Belli will soon be supported by an OP program:  the Aristeia!  Global League starts up in February with the release of the AGL Event Kit.

Set in the same science fiction world as Corvus Belli’s Infinity, Aristeia!  is a violent and faced-paced sport played between small teams of armed combatants (see “Corvus Belli Unveils ‘Aristeia!’”).  To support the game, the company is launching the Aristeia!  Global League, inviting players to earn higher positions in the “International Ranking” and win exclusive prizes through in-store events.  The program will support casual and competitive tournament play as well as in-store leagues.

Next month, Corvus Belli will begin offering the AGL Event Kit for stores that wish to participate in the program.  Each Kit can support up to 12 participants, and comes with prizes and promotional items, including 1 Event Winner badge, 2 dice bags, 2 art prints, 4 metal Victory Point tokens, 4 metal Frag tokens, 22 character cards, 8 Aristeia!  badges, and 6 “HexaDome” play maps. 

The MSRP for each AGL Event Kit will be 39.95 € (about $50.00).

The first expansion for Aristeia!  will also release in February (see “‘Aristeia!’  Adds New Brawlers to Hexadome”).