Modiphius Entertainment has teased a few details of its upcoming releases for the Star Trek Adventures role playing game, with seven sourcebooks and four sets of miniatures planned.

Each of the three divisions of Starfleet will be the focus of its own sourcebook, including rules and options intended both for players and gamemasters.  The Command Division Supplementary Rulebook, with resources for command and conn characters, will release in Q2.  The Operations Division Supplementary Rulebook, with material for security and engineering characters, and the Sciences Division Supplementary Rulebook, geared towards science and medicine characters, will both release in Q3.

The Star Trek galaxy will be examined in detail across four books, each exploring a single quadrant, with in-depth information on the background.  The Beta Quadrant Sourcebook, releasing in Q2, reveals the Federation and its immediate neighbors.  Q4 will see the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook, with more material on the Federation and its neighbors, as well as the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook, with information about the Dominion and the regions that can be found beyond the Bajoran wormhole.  The fourth book in the series, the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook, will release in 2019.

Modiphius’ plans are not limited to text, as four new sets of 32mm scale resin miniatures are also planned.  The Original Series:  Landing Party has 10 characters in 2266-era uniforms, with both male and female versions of Andorians, Denobulans, Humans, Tellarites, and Vulcans.  Similarly, The Next Generation:  Away Team presents the same group in 2371-era uniforms.  New adversaries can be found in The Borg Collective, with 5 male and 5 female Borg drones, and Iconic Villains, featuring 8 of Star Trek’s infamous antagonists, from both the films and the TV series.

Specific release dates and MSRP for the new items have not yet been announced.

Modiphius released its long-awaited licensed role playing game last year (see “Modiphius Launches its Starfleet”).