Looney Labs has signed a licensing deal with artist Mary Engelbreit to create a new version of Fluxx as well as a new game in Looney Labs’ Loonacy line. The games will be unveiled at New York Toy Fair and release in Fall 2018.

"We're so excited to be partnering with Mary Engelbreit," said Looney Labs CEO Kristin Looney. "The upbeat whimsy in her artwork fits well with Looney Labs' hippie style, and her focus on empowering women is something we care deeply about. Though Mary Engelbreit is not well known among gamers, her broad appeal fits well with our goal to broaden our market, particularly to include more women, families, and casual gamers. “

Engelbreit is a graphic artist that began her career by designing greeting cards, which eventually made her famous. Her “eclectic traditional” art style now adorns thousands of products: books, calendars, fabric crafts, dinnerware, kitchen accessories, and other home decor.

Looney Labs will release a new version of Fluxx this spring, along with another game (see “'Anatomy Fluxx' and ' Get the MacGuffin'”).