CMON and Guillotine Games are transporting their Zombicide game system to another planet in the upcoming Zombicide:  Invader.  The company will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production on April 10.

Like earlier games in the Zombicide series (most recently Zombicide:  Green Horde, coming to trade on April 27—see “New Releases and Updated Release Dates From CMON”), the new Zombicide:  Invasion pits a small band of human “survivors” against an unstoppable horde of baddies determined to devour them.  This time, instead of the shambling undead, the monsters are alien creatures called Xenos, natives of the world PK-L7, where humans have come in search of new resources. 

The game is mission-based, with bands of human soldiers and civilians working together to complete their objectives and gun down as many Xenos as they can.  Along the way, they get access to bigger and more powerful weaponry, but as they do the increased mayhem attracts larger and larger Xenos hordes, and unlike mindless zombies the Xenos have their own tactical surprises to spring on the survivors.

Zombicide:  Invader will be playable by 1 to 6 players.  Component list and MSRP have not been revealed.

Click the Gallery below for preview images of two of the models from the game.