Ninety-five-year-old Stan Lee, the Marvel icon who’s had health problems and reports of being defrauded recently (see "On the Celebrity Health Beat"), is being victimized by those around him, according to an in-depth report on The Daily Beast.  "Stan and [his daughter] JC are literally being picked apart by vultures," one insider quoted in the report said of the situation.  He’s "surrounded by a panoply of Hollywood charlatans and mountebanks," according to the report.

Among those around Lee that are arousing concern, according to the report, are Mac "Max" Anderson, Lee’s long-time bodyguard (and convicted felon) who was recently barred from Lee’s house; and Jerry Olivarez, a former associate of Lee’s daughter who’s half owner of Hands of Respect, which was recently transferred $300,000 under suspicious circumstances.

Concerns began when shortly after the death of Lee’s wife last year, Lee’s longtime attorneys and accountants were fired.  Now Keya Morgan, a memorabilia collector who’s been friends with Stan and Joan for over a decade, has stepped in and has been uncovering the suspected frauds, and was the one who barred Anderson from the property.

Comic creators with long associations with Lee are expressing concern.  Writer Peter David posted concern over Max Anderson, who he described as a “great guy” who’d been caring for Lee solicitously for years.