Another layer has been added to the ongoing revelations of the deteriorating situation around Marvel icon Stan Lee, the 95-year-old living symbol of Marvel Comics, in a new 4600-word report in Hollywood Reporter.  Last month in its own lengthy exposé, The Daily Beast reported that memorabilia dealer Keya Morgan had expelled bodyguard Mac “Max” Anderson from Lee’s property and had discovered alleged frauds involving Jerry Olivarez, co-owner of Hands of Respect, a Lee-linked charity (see “Report:  Stan Lee Surrounded by ‘Charlatans and Mountebanks’”). 

Now THR has more, including a statement prepared by Lee’s then-attorney Tom Lallas that Lee signed in February, alleging that Morgan, Olivarez, and his daughter J.C.’s attorney were manipulating J.C., and that he did not want them or J.C. to ever be involved in managing his affairs.  He expressed his desire to have J.C. and Anderson jointly have his medical power of attorney, but specifically excluded his daughter and the three “bad actors” he said were influencing her from being involved in his finances.  J.C. was described as incapable of supporting herself, a spendthrift, and easily influenced.  Lee said his daughter was pressuring him to transfer assets into her name.      

THR also had talked to Lee’s former business and asset manager Brandley J. Herman, who alleged that J.C. had physically attacked Stan and his wife Joan in 2014, bruising both. 

J.C. and Morgan appear to be in ascendance, with Lee firing Lallas and recording a video with Morgan in recent weeks stating that his relationships with J.C. and Morgan are good.  Both accompanied Lee to Silicon Valley Comic Con last weekend, where he appeared confused and weak, according to attendees’ social media posts.  Here’s an Instagram post appearing to show Morgan telling Stan Lee how to spell his name (not embedded because of language).

Our sadness at the situation continues to build.