Grey Fox Games has launched new imprint Social Sloth Games, and announced its first title Creatures & Cupcakes designed by Daryl Andrews (Sagrada, City of Gears).

Social Sloth Games will focus on casual games for gamers of all experience levels to relax and enjoy. “Slow Down. Have Fun,” is the imprint’s motto.

"When Grey Fox Games first launched in 2014, the idea was simply to put out titles we wanted to play," said Shane Myerscough, president of Grey Fox Games. "Now with our company growing, we wanted to ensure we continue to focus on our core fans while reaching out and expanding our audience."

In Creatures & Cupcakes players are monster trainers using sweets to befriend and tame various beasties. However, the creatures are greedy, and if you feed them too many cupcakes they’ll get an upset stomach instead of a sugary burst of energy. The first player to tame two creatures and present them to the Cupcake King and Queen will win. The game will launch via Kickstarter in May. 

Future titles planned for Social Sloth Games include Zoned Out and Gem Hens.