Three years after Games Workshop launched the latest version of its fantasy miniatures game flagship, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, the company will release a New Edition in June, including a new Core Book and a new Generals Handbook.  Cover prices were not announced.

The rules in the New Edition have been retooled to make the game faster, cleaner, and more fun to play, the company said, with an expanded hero phase, a new command points system, and a more strategic double turn.  More ways to play will be supported, including epic narrative campaigns, open play rules, and matched play.

Other content will include allegiance abilities for each of the four grand alliances, Realms of Battle rules for seven of the Mortal Realms, maps, and over 200 pages of background on the Mortal Realms and the factions waging war there.

The transition to the New Edition will be relatively painless: players will be able to use existing armies, and the core rules and unit Warscrolls will be available for free download and through the Age of Sigmar app.

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