Renegade Game Studios is adding supplemental product releases to its upcoming fantasy role playing game Overlight, which launches to trade in September.

The 333-page hardcover rulebook contains everything a player needs to create a character and begin adventures. (see “Bathe in the Brilliance of 'Overlight' The Kaleidoscopic Fantasy RPG”).  Now Renegade is adding Deluxe Spirit Dice and Overlight: The Skyborn Order and Its Enemies & Game Master Screen to the premiere release.

Players will require polyhedral dice for playing the game, and for most skill tests, a player’s existing dice will do.  The Overlight: Deluxe Spirit Dice Set includes seven deluxe, over-sized D4 dice corresponding to the seven colors of the Overlight to add a deeper dimension to the gameplay. Each die features the sigils of one of the seven Virtues: Spirit, Wisdom, Logic, Compassion, Will, Vigor, and Might.  MSRP is $15.00.

Overlight: The Skyborn Order and Its Enemies & Game Master Screen includes a 40-page supplementary sourcebook which details the five major conclaves of the Skyborne Order, as well as how PCs can join them or form their own.  There is also a list of some of the Skyborn Order’s major adversaries and a list of notable Skyborn NPCs that GMs can add to their stories.  Also included with the sourcebook is a heavy-duty four-panel Game Master Screen which includes useful charts and information for easy reference during the game.  MSRP is $30.00.

Overlight will premiere at Gen Con, with special previews as part of Origins and Free RPG Day.