With the closing of major competitor Toys 'R' Us, Amazon is looking to woo year end toy shoppers with a bit of holiday tradition, a toy catalog.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon will release a toy catalog similar to Toys R Us’ holiday “Big Book.” The free 100-page Big Book was a popular item with children for checking out the latest holiday releases and making wish lists for presents. Walmart and Target produce similar toy catalogs for the gift giving season.  The catalog will be mailed to U.S. household and handed out at Whole Foods Market locations, which Amazon bought last year (see “Amazon Stops Pretending It Doesn't Want It All”).

Amazon will have competition though, according to the Bloomburg report, Target is expanding toy space on its shelves this holiday season, and will host in-store events with major brands.

Walmart already announced plans to move deeper into toys, and Party City plans to open pop-up toy stores in September (see “As Toys 'R' Us Closes Stores, Toy City, Walmart Push into the Space”).