German game publisher Pegasus Spiele will release its first game set in the world of Games Workshop’s iconic quest game Talisman at Gen Con. Talisman – Legendary Tales will debut at Gen Con with trade release to follow.

Talisman – Legendary Tales is a standalone cooperative family game designed by Lukas Zach and Michael Palm (BANG! The Dice Game, Aventuria: Adventure Card Game, The Dwarves). Players must work together to keep the evil forces from obtaining the Crown of Command, a powerful magical relic that is hidden behind the Portal of Power. To pass through the Portal of Power, a seeker must possess a Talisman, but over the years, five of the Talismans have disappeared. The various dwarves, elves, trolls, warriors, prophets and wizards must band together to prevent evil from seizing the Crown of Command. The game features a bag-building mechanism to allow heroes to develop over the five connected adventures. MSRP is $49.99.

Pegasus will be offering customers an exclusive promo hero: the druidess/the druid to those that buy the game at Gen Con. The figure is also available to retailers as a sales incentive as part of the launch kit order. The launch kit contains 6 games, 6 promo heroes, and a promotional poster.

Pegasus announced the licensing deal in January, and currently plans to release four games (see “Pegasus Spiele Licenses World of 'Talisman'”). The second game, the Talisman Fantasy Adventures RPG will be available for demo (the Alpha version) at Gen Con. Pegasus plans to release the RPG at Gen Con 2019.