DC Entertainment has begun rebranding previously released material under its new Black Label imprint, announced in March as a new place for high profile stand-alone stories that happen outside the current DC Universe continuity (see "DC Launches Imprint for High Profile Stand-Alone Stories").

DC has already rechristened the upcoming trade paperback for Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy as a Black Label title. Set to release on October 3, it will be the first collected edition from the new imprint.

A second rebranding is in DC’s August solicits, which list a new edition of All-Star Superman TP by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, originally released in the mid-00s, as a Black Label title.

Other titles that stand apart from DC continuity may also be repackaged as Black Label books in the future.

The first announced new Black Label material, Superman: Year One by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr., is due later this year.