Two popular game designers are joining forces to bring the classic board game Dark Tower back to life.  Restoration Games plans to release Return to Dark Tower in 2020.

Cutting edge for its time, Dark Tower was published by Milton Bradley in 1981.  The literal centerpiece of the game was a battery-powered electronic gizmo in the shape of an imposing black tower.  By interacting with the tower, players could explore the game’s fantasy world, gather critical resources, and do battle with the villainous brigands.  After completing a circuit of the map and collecting three magical keys, a player could then approach the tower itself and battle the brigands within for ultimate victory.

Original cover
Restoration Games has recruited Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy) and Isaac Childres (Gloomhaven) to update the game design and experience.  The “restored” version of the game will feature a cooperative style playing experience, with players working together to keep the evil forces of the tower in check until they are ready to launch their final assault.  The new design will take advantage of technological advances made since 1981 to “push the envelope for what board games can do,” according to Restoration’s President Justin D. Jacobsen. “We know we’ll have to do something that will blow today’s gamers away.”

Original game
Restoration Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign next year to raise funds for the project.  The finished game will have an MSRP between $100.00 and $120.00.

The company recently produced an updated version of another 1980’s classic, Fireball Island:  The Curse of Vul-Kar (see “‘Fireball Island’ Rises Like a Phoenix to Ignite Tabletops Once More”).