The in-store play program for Cryptozoic Entertainment's DC Deck-Building Game continues with the 2018 Organized Play Kit 1, available for retail stores.

The DC Deck-Building Game:  2018 Organized Play Kit 1 is designed to help retailers that want to host in-store events, with instructions for three tournament formats as well as guidelines for league play, including cooperative “Crisis” leagues.  Each kit comes with a dozen Black Lightning promo cards, one playmat, and a poster to advertise the event.

The new kit is intended to support the recently-released Crisis Expansion Pack 4, which features the Teen Titans (see “Cryptozoic Brings ‘Rebirth’ to ‘DC Deck-Building Game’”).  A second 2018 Organized Play Kit will release later in the year with a different promo card.

Cryptozoic began offering Organized Play Kits for the DC Deck-Building Game last year (see “Organized Play Introduced for ‘DC Deck-Building Game’”).

In October, the company will release a new two-player set based on the Green Lantern (see “‘Rivals’ Ring in New ‘DC Deck-Building Game’ Set”).