A police report has been filed on the Gen Con incident leading to the expulsion of Iello COO and GAMA President Stephan Brissaud from the show (see "Iello COO, GAMA President Expelled from Gen Con"); and the GAMA board is preparing to meet to consider the report, photos that have surfaced, and other findings of an investigation conducted on its behalf.

The police report was filed with the Indianapolis Police Department on Sunday, August 5, by Candace Gene Patterson, one of the security guards involved in the incidents with Brissaud; the incident occurred on Thursday.  There’s not a lot of information in the report beyond the names and descriptions of Patterson and Brissaud and the characterization of the event as an alleged "battery" using "personal weapons (hands, feet, etc.)."

ICv2 has also obtained two photos from a non-GAMA board source (in the Gallery below) that the GAMA investigators believe were taken of Patterson one day after the incident, showing bruises she says were a result of the confrontation.

The GAMA board has met multiple times since Gen Con (see the organization’s August 7th statement, "GAMA Board Statement on Gen Con Incident"), most recently on August 23, organization Vice President (and Fireside Games CEO) Anne-Marie De Witt told ICv2 in a recent interview.  Brissaud was not involved in meetings about the incident in which he was involved, according to De Witt.

De Witt and GAMA Board Member-At-Large Mike Webb (Alliance Game Distributors Vice President of Marketing and Data Services) were designated as fact-finders and are wrapping up their work, De Witt said.

The next GAMA board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, August 30, at 2 CDT, at which time the board will deliberate on the results of the investigation.  Evidence to be considered includes the police report, interviews with multiple people including Patterson, the photos, and other materials.

Brissaud issued a statement during Gen Con apologizing for the incident (see "Brissaud Statement on Gen Con Incident").  We reached out on Friday to ask Brissaud if he had any additional comment given the police report and the photos showing injuries.  "I stand by my original statement, which has been corroborated by several witnesses as factual," he said in an email.  "I don’t know what pictures you are referring to, but I didn’t cause any physical injuries to anyone during the incident."

The Thursday board meeting is key to determining the organization’s actions, if any, as a result of the incident.  "We’re hoping the outcome of that meeting will be a decision about what kind of actions the board may or may not take regarding the situation," De Witt said (although noting that there was still a possibility that the board could seek more information before taking action).  "We wanted to let people know that we take this seriously, and we’re working on it.  We’re a deliberative body and we want to make sure we have all the information."

For those keeping score at home, the GAMA board members are (see "GAMA Welcomes New Board Members"):

Stephan Brissaud, President
Anne-Marie De Witt, Vice President
Aaron Witten, Treasurer
Brian Dalrymple, Secretary
Bob Maher, Distributor Chair
Dawn Studebaker, Retailer Chair
Marie Poole, Member-at-Large
Andrew Chesney, Member-at-Large
Mike Webb, Member-at-Large
Jeff Tidball, Member-at-Large
Rick Loomis, Emeritus
Mike Stackpole, Emeritus
Will Neibling, Emeritus

Click Gallery below for the police report and photos!