Upper Deck has partnered with Cascade Games LLC to expand organized play events for its Vs. System 2PCG. The partnership will add convention level events for players across the U.S.

When the Vs. System 2PCG was launched in 2015 (see “'Vs. System' Revival Revamps Format”), the only major events beyond local organized play at game stores were held at Origins Game Fair and Gen Con. When Upper Deck revised the release schedule last fall to make content releases monthly (see “New 'VS System' Release Format Finalized”), it accelerated the model of the metagame. The frequent content changes require more engagement, and thus require more events.

Tournament organizer Cascade Games has managed Upper Deck’s organized play events at Gen Con for three years, so the publisher was happy to expand the partnership. “The addition of more events headed by Cascade Games shows not only our dedication to a long future for Vs System 2PCG, but also that Upper Deck has always strived to offer the best experience for our consumers and players”, said Jason Masherah, President of Upper Deck.

New events will begin in November at ten shows throughout the next year, including Dreamhack Atlanta, PAX Unplugged, Emerald City Comic Con, C2E2, MomoCon, Dreamhack Texas, Origins Game Fair, Anime Expo, Gen Con and Rose City Comic Con. Each show will include demos, League Play and a Featured Format main event. The Featured Format will change throughout the year, so players can showcase their deckbuilding skills.

The next release for the Marvel Vs. System 2PCG will be The New Defenders Issue Pack (see “VS. System 2PCG: The New Defenders'”).