ICv2 has confirmed that Geneon's stylish Last Exile anime series will debut on Tech TV on March 8.  Produced by Gonzo, the computer-savvy studio behind Blue Submarine #6, Vandread, and Hellsing, Last Exile is a visually rich retro science fiction aerial epic set in a world of airships and early industrial progress.  Tech TV will air two episodes of Last Exile every night from March 8 through March 13.  On Sunday, March 14 Tech TV will present the first half of the Last Exile series (13 episodes) in a mini-marathon. 


Last Exile is a very striking anime series with a strong plotline that weaves throughout its 26-episodes and fashions it into something more akin to a 12-hour mini-series rather than to a string of self-contained episodes -- so the mini-marathon scheduling makes a lot of sense.  A strong burst of TV exposure should help this property.  Last Exile is further evidence of the increase in the quality and quantity of anime series on American TV (see 'Cartoon Network Will Air Detective Conan').  As long as anime continues to receive this kind of prime television exposure its influence on American pop culture will continue to grow.