In the first quarter of 2019, Fantasy Flight Games will release the first of its new "Premium Expansions" for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.  The Children of the Empire Expansion will also introduce a new mechanic to the game.

Children of the Empire focuses on the Hantei Dynasty and the peace and prosperity that it has brought to the land of Rokugan, while showcasing some of the most important events that have occurred in the game’s on-going storyline since its initial release.  Many of the cards in the set will feature the new "Composure" mechanic, which rewards players for bidding lower than their opponent during an honor bid by granting those cards additional, powerful effects.

The expansion will include 234 new cards for the game, with three copies each of 76 different cards and one each of six different cards.  There are cards for every clan in the expansion, plus a number of neutral cards that can be employed by players of any clan.

Click Gallery below for full-size card images!

As an expansion, a copy of the Core Set is needed to use the cards in Children of the Empire.  MSRP is $39.95.

Fantasy Flight Games recently launched the Elemental Cycle, composed of six expansion packs, the second story arc for the game (see "Unshackled Elements Assault the Emerald Empire").

The role playing game inspired by the card game is also expanding, with the release of a new sourcebook in Q4 (see "Explore Rokugan’s Intricacies in New ‘Legend of the Five Rings’ Sourcebook").