Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled the power of the natural world for the Elemental Cycle, the next releases for its Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game in Q3.

Following the conclusion of the Imperial Cycle (see “Entire 'Imperial Cycle' for L5R' Revealed”), the Great Clans of Rokugan will face a new threat, a darkness that is preceded by elemental unrest. The five elemental rings – Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Void – have been thrown out of balance, and the first five Dynasty Packs will each correspond to a different element and how each clan relates to it. The sixth pack will tie the cycle together. Various ancient creatures and beasts associated with each clan will return.

The titles for the six Dynasty Packs are:

  • Breath of the Kami
  • Tainted Lands
  • The Fires Within
  • The Ebb and Flow
  • All and Nothing
  • Elements Unbound

Each of the six packs comes with three copies of each of 20 different cards. MSRP is $14.95 each.