Bushiroad has revealed the third volume of the “Ace Special Series” for its Future Card Buddyfight Ace trading card game:  The True Awakening of Deities booster pack expansion will release on January 11, following the release of the 3 Garga Decks and the Buddy Lineage booster set in December.

True Awakening of Deities focuses on new cards for the Dragon World, Star Dragon World, and Ancient World, featuring cards that have appeared in the Future Card Buddyfight anime series. 

The set includes a total of 88 card types with the following rarities:  3 BR, 4 SP, 2 AR, 15 Secret, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 12 R, 12 U, and 20 C, with some parallel foil versions of uncommon and rare cards.  The cards will be randomly packed in five-card booster packs, along with three types of Secret Packs.  Boosters will be sold in 30 pack displays, and each display will include one Secret Pack.  The first printing of the expansion will have one of eight possible Flag Cards with character illustrations in each display box, and each box will include at least one of each rare card. 

The “Ace Special Series” begins on December 7 with the release of the 3 Garga Decks Impact!  Triple Punisher set, featuring Yuga’s buddy from the animated series and focusing on the Dragon World.  Each of the three decks in the set is a 52-card pre-constructed deck, making a total of 156 cards including 10 cards that are Buddy Rare, RRR, or SP rarities, as well as a life counter, rulesheet, playmat, and storage box.

Then, on December 14, the Buddy Lineage booster expansion will release, offering cards for every Future Card Buddyfight Ace World and featuring a new card attribute introduced by a new character in the anime series and upgraded versions of older cards.  This set has a total of 127 cards, including 1 CR, 5 BR, 3 SP, 25 Secret, 8 RRR, 15 RR, 29 R, and 41 C cards, with 11 reissues, packed in five-card boosters, each with one R or higher rarity card.  The set will include parallel foil versions of common and rare cards.  Boosters will be sold in 30-pack displays, each of which will have at least one bonus Secret Pack or high-rarity BR, SP, or the new “Chronicle Rare” card.

Click on the gallery below to see sample art from the new card sets.

The new sets follow the November release of Dimension Destroyer (see “Monsters From Animated Series Invade ‘Future Card Buddyfight’”).